Friday, December 31, 2010

New year sneak peek!

Who is ready for a new year? I know I am! Fresh and clean. Ready for new mistakes. ;)

Also, a time for NEW RELEASES!! Hows about a little sneak peek??

Along with this sneak peek I will offer a new challenge. I want 30 members following this blog by the 5th of January! If we can do that, and I know we can, then I will give the entire release away to one lucky winner chosen at random! So tell your friends! Thus far there will be 8 new images revealed. Who knows if I will add any between now and then, so be sure to send everyone out! And for every 10 comments on this post I will also choose one person at random to receive 2 images of their choice from the release. 

Enough incentive for you? Great! Stay crafty!


  1. what a great sneak peak woohoo glad to have you back up and i reposted this on my blog Happy New Year Cass!

  2. ooooh, so cute! Love the sneak peeks! I'm off to post about your blog to everyone!